How to get premium fiver buyers

How to Get Fiver Buyer Orders Purchasing Premium Gigs

How to get premium fiver buyers

Buyer: Hello my name is Garland and I’m looking to create a dual website that stream movies and live stream events and I was wondering if you could make that happen?

Me: Hello, Garland. Thanks for considering me to get you a professional advice towards your upcoming entrepreneurial ventures.

It’s Zulkifl Agha, I am a data scientist as profession where my academic contribution is in entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Neural Networks, Data Analysis, Data Architecture, Data dumping, cleaning and Data manipulation & visualization. I have settled Virtual Computing Environments for several small and big enterprises through out the globe. Moreover, i got certified titles from various tech companies for taking their business on next level while leading their teams and computing infrastructure; this includes CISCO, AWS, GCP and Cloud flare CDN configuration. Considering my programing skills I am a geek when it comes to Python, JSON, JQuery, JAVA, PHP, and MySQL. Where currently am creating scraping bots for startups.

Mainly, bots i create are word press based; because of it’s current continuous rising usage within Small and Medium Enterprises.

Let’s come towards your desires and how I can help you in that. Yes, off course you are at the right place. Before we get started i would like to inquire some details that what exact desire you carry in your mind. Than i would let you know what is possible in what cost. So at first do you got the data for all this, i mean the live stream data source or movies database? or i am supposed to work on both data and design while programming it to get you a vertical search engine of all videographic content available on, IMDB, YOU TUBE, VIMEO, DAILY Motion, Soundcloud, pinterest, intagram, twitter, facebook other content providers providing API development platforms to use their data according to their policies. My all normal gigs are displayed on my profile where prices are non-negotiable as they are the least that i charge for my time.

Let me know you, that my customers carry limitless customization services where they can select their project’s customization manually, without asking me for a quote, as am something like less efficient in cost management.

Buyer: I will go with your normal gig, but how would the website work on my end?

Me: This netflix one? It’s just a script with no data, if you want me to get data in it that would cost you more than what i can provide with some other options.

Let me know if we are talking about providing you a vertical search engine for this you require dedicated hosting environment.

Buyer: The one with no data how would I input the videos I want to put on the website?

Me:Manually, a discription, images, coven and others, actors names and trailor links from youtube and movies links and subtitle file from any where. It’s very easy but hell time consuming.

For this i configure “Google’s Compute Engine” with a static external ip address on Google’s name servers. It’s almost free for 1st year, where my configuration cost is given in below gig.


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Data Scientist currently providing services as a Word Press developer, designer and programmer; normally deals in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Neural Networks in general "Data Science". I develop scrappers for Individual site owners and for companies to extract data of any website and display it on their project with various variations.

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