How to get orders on fiverr

How to get orders on fiverr – Tips for New Freelancers

My journey with fiverr is of just 2 months yet, where i was able to generate $562. For a new market entry its for sure a worthwhile amount to go for.

Note: I am not a pro, still i feel that my two months experience with Fiverr can help some new Freelancers grow being a full time freelancer.

I have heard people saying, getting orders from fiverr depends 75% on luck. To me I am not rolling dice in a casino, instead am on a professional platform where am supposed to deal with the stuff am highly passionate about. So don’t simply wait for being lucky and start exploring things out.

Getting orders is not that hard job as it is considered by new sellers. Following are some small things to follow that will simply lead you towards gaining new frequent buyers.

Let’s get started.

So what is required to gain your initial orders?


Yes, off course every freelancer out there is creating some value for it’s clients; and the extent of “Value Creation” simply defines their earnings. Among freelancers market leaders are those adding “extra value creation” in their services or product.

If you created your 1st gig, analyze it while answering following Questions.

1. Am I selling some thing very unique that a experienced freelancer is not providing.
1. Uniqueness can be in terms of some thing new, some worthwhile problem solution in your industry.
3. Being price compatible.
4. Offer more value than what is offered by hundreds of other professionals as well.
5. Or you can simply innovate those services offered by dozens of others as well, and come up with some worthwhile additions in it.
6. Offer free extras.
7. Enhance the customer’s buying experience in more worthwhile manner in exchange with current user experience buyers are having in your industry.
8. Communicate in a kind and professional way that makes your client feel unique.
9. Guide them not only with “Pros of your product or service”; instead let them know the “Cons of the product or services” they are requiring.
10. Provide them some extra knowledge that a normal seller can’t provide. Be very detailed but in a way that makes them feel that they are dealing with a “highly professional seller”.

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