Voice over ip

Voice Over IP

Why you need Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP may be a new communication means allow you to call at any other geographical location using internet virtually.

Main objectives for which a company requires Voice Over – IP

      1. Need for cheaper calling rates:

        Why the need for lower call rates exists? In this emerging global village the graphs of competition are travelling higher in-term to the growth ratio of the industry; this simply generates the need for cheaper manufacturing cost, to maintain the good customer base.

      2. Effective control on customer calls:


      3. 3rd point

        however this can be attainable, what systems ar used, what’s the quality, all is obtainable recently if you google.

      Part ONE

      Voice Over IP is a new communication means that let you  at almost null cost. How this is possible, what systems are used, what is the standard, all is available these days if you google.

      The past – More than 30 years ago Internet didn’t exist.  were only made by telephone at  cost. Data exchange was expansive (for a ) and no one had been thinking to video interactions (there was only television that is not interactive, as known).

      Yesterday – Few years ago we saw appearing some : PCs to large masses, new technologies to communicate like  and finally the great net: Internet; people begun to communicate with new services like email, chat, etc. and business reborned with the web allowing people buy with a “click”.

      Today – Today we can see a real revolution in communication world: everybody begins to use PCs and Internet for job and free time to communicate each other, to exchange data (like images, sounds, documents) and, sometimes, to talk each other using applications like  or . Particularly starts to diffusing a common idea that could be the future and that can allow real-time vocal communication: VoIP.

      The future – We cannot know what is the future, but we can try to image it with many computers, Internet almost everywhere at high speed and people talking (audio and video) in a real time fashion. We only need to know what will be the means to do this: UMTS, VoIP (with ) or other? Anyway we can notice that Internet has grown very much in the last years, it is free (at least as international means) and could be the right  for future.


      The past – quite thirty years agone net didn’t exist. Interactive communications were solely created by phonephone at PSTN line price. information exchange was expansive (for an extended distance) and nobody had been thinking to video interactions (there was solely tv that’s not interactive, as known).

      Yesterday – Few years agone we have a tendency to saw showing some fascinating things: PCs to massive plenty, new technologies to speak like cellular phones and eventually the good net: Internet; individuals begun to speak with new services like email, chat, etc. and business reborned with the online permitting individuals purchase with a “click”.

      Today – these days we are able to see a true revolution in communication world: everyone begins to use PCs and net for job and free time to speak one another, to exchange information (like pictures, sounds, documents) and, sometimes, to speak one another victimisation applications like Netmeeting or net Phone. significantly starts to dispersive a standard concept may be the long run which will enable time period vocal communication: VoIP.

      The future – we have a tendency to cannot apprehend what’s the long run, however we are able to try and image it with several computers, net virtually all over at high speed and folks talking (audio and video) in an exceedingly real time fashion. we have a tendency to solely have to be compelled to apprehend what is going to be the suggests that to try to to this: UMTS, VoIP (with video extension) or other? Anyway we are able to notice that net has fully grown a great deal within the last years, it’s free (at least as international means) and will be the proper communication media for future.

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